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No teeef

I few weeks ago I had to go to see Uncle Craig for a dental, my dear brother came along with me for company. Ha! Came away later that same day minus my front incisors and peg teeth. I put on a brave face for mum and started tucking into my food as soon as I got home!

Do you know what. . .  Mum called me a little pudding today, maybe it has something to do with a special day that is coming up? Christmoose (the celebration of the birth of Jesus) or the fact that I have gained so much weight since my dental that a now resemble a well-known festive treat!

Mum is now wondering which of us is responsible for sabotaging the christmas tree lights . . . I'm not telling - tee hee.

Only four sleeps to go!


Daisy x.

Covert Ops . . .

Agents 0082,0085 & 0086 reporting for duty.

Agent 0082: We have been deep, deep undercover - Daisy & Earl have undergone special training to prepare them for life as LIA agents. I've been rushed off my paws debriefing my fellow agents. I took the pair of them away on holiday as part of their training - socialisation skills are key to being a good agent and it had been a while since we had seen grandma.

Agents 0085 & 0086: My sister has developed a keen interest in extreme sports, she says that real agents like the 2-foot James Bond do crazy stuff like that in service of their country. Daisy loves to leap onto the roof of Agent 0082's house then do amazing powerslides down the roof and into the litter tray below!

I on the other paw have been honing my specialist skill of doing dead-bunny flops whilst keeping my eyes wide open. Have been practising lots and caught dad out big time last week - tee hee. Playing 'dead' gets the 2-foots really worried - I plan to use my specialist skill in future LIA missions.

Agents 0082, 0085 & 0086 out.


Saturday evening I couldn't help myself; I was so happy to get home that I did lots of binkies all evening. Mum thought I looked kind of cute, I was just soooo happy to be home. Have you ever been so happy that you had to do lots of binkies?

Stroppy sister

Sunday morning mum was given a bit of a fright when my dear sister and I had a bit of a falling out. I was more shocked than anything when Daisy wouln't let me eat my favourite barley rings from the food bowl we were sharing; she boxed me round the head. Girls can be so very stroppy and we had a bit of a scuffle. Thankfully it did not last very long and mum soon fixed things by putting out an extra food bowl and also a small bowl of barley rings. I love her very much but she can be so demanding (dad says exactly the same about mum).

Food . . .

Well I had an eventful holiday, it was my very first. We went to see our grandma last week and took mum & dad with us too. It was kind of fun, Earl and I spent allot of time sleeping. Mum was sitting on the settee one morning and noticed something wrong with my teeth. So later that day with Grandma's assistance we went along to see Uncle Nick who was very king and gentle. My front teeth were de-burred and I have to make sure that mum keeps a close eye on them incase they need de-burring again. My mouth feels so much more comfortable now, hopefully very soon I will weigh as much as, if not more,than my brother Earl.
Daisy x.

Vet trip

Earl went to the vet on Tuesday to have his boy-bits removed, I sent Daisy along to help keep him company. Daisy was telling me that they had a nice time and were spoilt rotten - they even came back with toys that the receptionist gave them. I don't think that Earl even noticed that the had an operation - he's so laid back.

Pretty girl

She is might not be quite so big a Earl now but I think that Daisy is much prettier :-)

Do I look big????

Maybe I should have a bigger food bowl so I won't look quite so big?


I am glad that I don't live outside; today the sky has cried all day long. Mum wanted to take her duvet to work but I said that was a silly idea, she wants to hibernate. Do any of your 2-foots have strange habits when the days grow shorter and darker?


Well this is a bit of a first; mum is going to have every night at home this week when she gets home from work. I think that my two not-so-little friends will make sure she keeps the food bowls topped up! I'm going to have more cuddles. Mum was muttering something about housework, if it makes her so miserable why do it? Do any of your 2-foots 'force' themselves to do housework?



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